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How to have a great summer


The British summer may be unpredictable with a possible four seasons rolled into one day but when it occurs, it can be quite glorious. People become much more relaxed and everything feels golden, as if without realising it the world has become Technicolor once again.


Without a doubt the summer brings along delight and is the main growing season in terms of our health. Like the trees and animals around us, our bodies are gathering energy and resources in anticipation for the dormant months later on in the year. Prepare your body properly now so that you aren’t running on empty when the cooler months set in.


The uttermost yang phase of the year makes this the lightest period. As adults we don’t have the luxury of structure like school holidays, timetables and sport practice to tell us when a term begins or when there is a break. That freedom and independence also means we need a fiercer determination and self discipline to start or stop something.


Summer is a time of joy. Cast your mind back to the summer holidays of your childhood when times were simpler. The world today for many of us is a lot more complicated. There are many things whirring in our heads, what with all the caps we wear for the different roles in our lives. Use this time to remind yourself of what you love best and maybe, just take a step back and breathe. Sometimes we forget to do that, but it’s an awfully nice feeling to remember.


Take a walk in the park or enjoy some al fresco eating – smile at the beauty of the lightness of the day at 9pm. In London, summer brings along a sense of calmness that you don’t often see during the rest of the year. Use this time to slow down a little and remind yourself what is great in your life.


Re-edited from a post originally published 26/6/2013


Image: Flickr, pfau_910


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